How to become a pro bettor?

The development of online betting sites has led to the development of a new profession: professional bettor. Some bettors have professionalized what was until now a hobby. How to make a living with sports betting? Discover all the secrets to becoming a pro bettor.

What is the profession of a professional bettor?

This is a person who bets money with bookmakers and receives a regular income from them. The expertise differentiates the pro bettor from the amateur. The pro bettor leaves nothing to chance and thinks about his bet by carefully studying the statistics and forecasts established by bookmakers on specialized websites and experts in their field and atozmp3.

The pro bettor can exercise his activity in different areas:

  • horse racing;
  • sports betting where the bettor bets on the outcome of a match or competition;
  • lotteries, games of chance;
  • online or physical casinos hosting professional poker players .
  • A pro bettor can develop an additional activity such as tipster follow-up or become a professional tipster himself . The tipster is a pro forecaster , he sells his forecasts and advice to other bettors, pros or amateurs. Last job related to betting: becoming a professional bookmaker . This consists of opening a sports betting business to record bettors’ bets.

In Korean, online sports betting was opened up to competition in 2010 and all sites must receive approval from the online gaming regulatory authority (ARJEL).

What are the qualities required to be a pro bettor?

To become a professional bettor, you must have certain qualities:

  • be patient and persistent;
  • enjoy analyzing numbers and probabilities;
  • be comfortable with finances and statistics: the job of a professional bettor is similar to that of a sports trader.
  • take a minimum interest in sport, in order to create your own predictions and, why not, to monetize them by becoming a professional tipster. Some professional bettors have specialized in a sport such as a football or a basketball.
  • To succeed in professional 먹튀폴리스 sports prognosis, you have to know how to keep a cool head and have good resistance to stress. Sports betting income is fluctuating, and it is better to know how to manage your budget well so as not to be overwhelmed. A bettor can generate earnings from €1,000 to more than €50,000 per month.

How to practice as a professional bettor?

In 2011, the French tax authorities considered that “winnings made by professional gamblers under conditions that eliminate or significantly reduce the risk normally inherent in games of chance” were taxable. Consequently, when the bets are exercised under conditions similar to a professional activity, the income from sports betting is taxable as non-commercial profits. To legalize your activity as a professional bettor, you must therefore create a company or a company to declare your winnings. How to choose the most appropriate legal form? Captain Contract can guide you to make the right decision based on your personal situation.

Which legal form to choose to become a pro bettor?

Create a sole proprietorship to be a pro bettor

The microenterprise is the simplest status: the auto-entrepreneur in sports betting receives the APE code 93.19Z (Other sports-related activities). Your turnover must not exceed €72,500 per year. The advantage, accounting is simplified and expenses are reduced (22%).

You can also choose the classic sole proprietorship , but this status does not separate personal assets from those of the business. To protect your personal assets, EIRL (limited liability) is more recommended. In both cases, your profits will be subject to income tax and you will have the status of self-employed worker (TNS) . This will allow you to be attached to the Social Security of the self-employed. The benefit of the business is the ability to deduct your expenses, but in the case of sports betting , there won’t be many.

Choose the sole proprietorship to become a pro bettor

One-person companies ( SASU and EURL ) require more complex steps to be created, but they offer a more favorable status than the sole proprietorship. Their advantage is to protect personal assets: in fact, your liability is only incurred up to the amount contributed to the capital. You can also choose your tax regime (income or corporation tax) for the first 5 years.

If you opt for the EURL (single-person company with limited liability) to be a professional bettor , the statutes must be drafted in accordance with a certain form and mandatory information. This is not the case for the SASU (simplified one-person joint-stock company) . Finally, a manager of an EURL benefits from the status of self-employed worker, while that of a SASU is assimilated to an employee. Social coverage is therefore different (Social security for the self-employed for the first and general scheme for the second).

The steps to create your business or your professional betting company

To become a sports bettor under the micro-enterprise or sole proprietorship regime, all you have to do is complete a P0 form for starting an activity. This document is available on the website or from the Business Formalities Center (CFE). For sole proprietorships, there are several steps:

  • drafting the legal statutes;
  • publish the notice of incorporation in a journal of legal announcements;
  • deposit the share capital of the company;
  • appoint the leader;
  • register the company with URSSAF.
  • Captain Contract can assist you or take charge of all these steps in order to open your business like a pro bettor. You will also benefit from advice and assistance in making the right choices.

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