The Most Promising Tokens of 2024 that should be in your portfolio

In this article, we will discuss what the cryptocurrency market is expected to face in 2024 and what key aspects to focus on for earning potential. Many experts predict that cryptocurrencies will once again rise in value next year. This is particularly relevant for those interested in play-to-earn games and tokens that will yield profits.

When analyzing past cryptocurrency price changes, we notice that Bitcoin’s price increase usually leads to a rise in other cryptocurrencies. This is especially evident in Game-Fi projects – blockchain games. For instance, the game Stepn garnered significant interest for offering earnings through physical activities and walking.

However, it’s not all straightforward. Most gaming crypto projects emerged in early to mid-2022 when the crypto market activity began to decline. As a result, many of them did not survive this period. Nonetheless, some projects not only survived but also strengthened their technical capabilities in preparation for the next market upswing.

Now, on the cusp of the next growth season, it is the perfect time to select a project and token for investment. Special attention should be given to games that allow earnings in 2024. It’s crucial to understand the foundation of a token: is it solely tied to a game? Experience shows that in 2024, having just a Game-Fi game is not enough to create a strong and stable token. Many projects are looking to expand their product range, offering users more earning opportunities.

One such project is MetaTrace. It attracts attention not only for its earning potential but also for its stable token economy. Currently, MetaTrace has received positive reviews, and the project has already gained the trust of its community. MetaTrace is based on an augmented reality game. Users move around a virtual map in NFT vehicles, explore “points of interest,” collect boxes, pet shards, and earn tokens, providing an opportunity to earn.

Furthermore, MetaTrace is developing an entire ecosystem, including Game-Fi & Social-Fi, with the goal of attracting millions of new users to the Web-3 world. The ecosystem includes the TraceWallet wallet, the TraceMarket marketplace, and soon a decentralized exchange and PartnerFi advertising platform will launch.

MetaTrace also creates a unique advertising platform for businesses. For example, a snack bar owner can use MetaTrace to attract new customers by registering their establishment in the app as a “point of interest.”

After its initial listing, the TRC token showed significant value growth (518% in two months), demonstrating investor confidence and earning potential. More than 1.7 million people have already registered on the TraceQuest platform, and MetaTrace’s app is currently in beta testing.

The TRC token is now represented on the largest exchanges, and MetaTrace is one of the fastest-growing gaming projects on the Polygon blockchain. This makes it an attractive option for those seeking play-to-earn games and tokens that will be profitable in 2024.

From a technical perspective, MetaTrace significantly outperforms its competitors, many of which did not survive the crypto winter. Projects that have weathered difficult times often show the best results when market conditions improve.

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