Prometheus Crypto Bot (Magical Robot)

Prometheus ai trading bot is a trading robot which opens and closes trades in profit and it only requires a onetime setup and the rest is automatic without doing any single finger work.

This Prometheus ai bot has a built-in money management feature. This means you can alter the size of your lot when market conditions are potentially going in your favor. In the event of an extreme price shift, the Prometheus ai bot.

Prometheus crypto bot allows you to trade different time frames such as M15, M30 and H1 – and covers most crypto pairs. You will be made aware of any new trading opportunities in one of three ways: email, popup alert or mobile push notification.

Unlike other useless Robots in the market,
Prometheus crypto bot doesn’t:

(1) Use risky strategies (Use your own one)
(2) Does not require Expertise
(3) Does not require you to close trades or constantly monitor.

Prometheus crypto bot can:

(1) Let you make profit without having trading skills
(2) Steady passive income
(3) Working 24/7

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