Great movie always has a great soundtrack, and its combination is just like hamburger and fries. There’s nothing like an unique soundtrack that can transport viewers from scene to scene and bring a theater full of strangers to tears.  Now, we’re gonna give you the top three best soundtracks that you don’t want to miss in SoundCloud. 

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Top 3 best soundtracks in Soundcloud: 

1. A star is born.

In “A Star Is Born”, Bradley Cooper had never sung before and that was the reason why we were so surprised by his sweet warm voice. This soundtrack was a lovely combination of blues, country, folk rock and pop at the same time. In “A star is born”, Bradley Cooper had an amazing feat with Lady Gaga, one of the most popular singers and songwriters nowadays. 

2. Begin Again

To be honest, Begin Again is my favourite soundtrack of all time on SoundCloud. Keira’s angelic voice created such a great combination with Adam Levin’s voice. Begin Again not only gives you a moment to think about love but it also asks us, what would we choose, career or lover? 

3. The greatest showman

Another soundtrack that is worth a listen is the greatest showman soundtrack. In The greatest showman, we finally have a chance to listen again to Zac Efron’s amazing voice. And how on earth, his voice combines so great with Zendaya, which creates such a huge hit in Billboard. The greatest showman soundtrack also marked its footprint in the soundtrack industry by winning the Grammy award. 

Downloading SoundCloud music tracks 

You’re having problems downloading because some of those tracks are copyrighted? There’s no need to be concerned; there’ll be a remedy for you

The entire procedure is quite straightforward, requiring only two basic steps. Here’s how to go about it:

In SoundCloud, copy the URL link of your favorite playlist:

  • After copied the URL link and paste it into our website’s “URL link” box, then click the Download button


  • It will be converted to MP3 format after you click the Download button. There are two types of downloading options for you to choose from, and it’s entirely up to you! You can either download the entire track or do it manually. Remember that the length of time you’ll have to wait is determined by the number of songs in your track.

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If you want to download another track, select “download another track” from the drop-down menu and follow the steps above. Please be patient as the entire process will only take a minute.

It’s never been easier to download SoundCloud audio tracks. There’s no time to waste any longer; let’s acquire your favorite song by downloading it for free from our website.




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